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Opportunities to dig deeper and grow in your faith

Growing in Christ

Everyone has room to grow as a follower of Christ. Faith Tabernacle provides a wide variety of opportunities for personal growth from the newest believer to the those with years of experience. Expand the ministries below to find out more about them.


Ministerial Staff

Bishop Brandon T. Whitehurst, Sr.  – Senior Pastor

Elder Alonzo Gary – Executive Pastor

Elder Rosa Williams 

Elder Mildred Williams

Minister Katron Bennon

Minister Sharon Farr

Minister Vanessa Means

Minister Shirley Posey

Prophet Brian Golden

Administrative Team
Christian Education

Emma Finger – Financial Secretary

The Finance Ministry plays an essential role in Faith Tabernacle Church of Spartanburg by enabling the church to operate according to the biblical stewardship and practices of responsible accounting in its handling of funds. Since the “bottom line” is not finances but faithfulness, it is essential that the resource of money be utilized so as to glorify God.


Christians In Action
Health Matters

The Outreach Ministry plays an essential role in Faith Tabernacle’s desire to share the gospel with our neighbors and to serve our local community in creative and compassionate ways. God’s people are here to serve other, not to be served, and we exist to point others to Jesus as we live in the world.


Childrens Ministry

The Children’s Ministry Team plays an essential role in Faith Tabernacle Church of Spartanburg by engaging and teaching children in an effort to ultimately lead them into a personal relationship with Jesus, help them grow closer to Him, and encourage them to share Him with their friends and family.

Membership: The membership of the Children’s Ministry Team shall consist of the Director(s) appointed by the Leadership Team, staff members, and lay persons who volunteer on their own accord. However, to be considered for the team, a team member must:



Culinary Arts
First Impressions

The First Impressions Ministry plays an essential role in Faith Tabernacle Church of Spartanburg by providing long-lasting impressions and God experiences that lead to lives being changed, but we can’t provide either of these without good first impressions and experiences. In addition, we know that these two results do not begin with the sermon or worship. They begin when a person or family enters the parking lot of our church. We want their hearts and minds to be open and receptive to a message from God by the time they sit in their seat in the sanctuary. We do this by treating every single individual with respect, kindness and love. They need to know how excited we are to have them as our guests. We provide our first impressions through positions of parking lot attendants, rear door greeters, sanctuary door greeters and ushers.


Worship & Arts

Children's Choir

The Media Ministry plays an essential role in Faith Tabernacle Church of Spartanburg by adapting to the everchanging arena of technology. The utilization of technology, and the equipment that drives it , is becoming imperative for churches if they want to grow, reach others , and maintain significance in the local community and the rest of the world. We are living in an age where information is increasingly being gathered through audio, video and computer-based resources. Our church utilizes various types of technological equipment in its day-to-day operations, which provides worship and discipleship opportunities for congregants and community members.


The Prayer Ministry plays an essential role in Faith Tabernacle Church of Spartanburg by undergirding the work of all other ministries through offering and providing prayer support, education, recruiting and training wherever and whenever there is a request and/or need. The team’s vision is to develop a prayer community resulting in transformed lives for God’s glory and its mission, through regularly scheduled prayer sessions, special events, and regular communications, is to offer teaching, encouragement and structured times of prayer toward the goal of becoming a true “house of prayer”.

Shepherd's Care
Voices Of Faith

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